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AP sources: Clapper leading choice for intel job

WASHINGTON – The White House's leading candidate to replace Dennis Blair as national intelligence director is James R. Clapper, the Pentagon's top
intelligence official, current and former U.S. officials said Friday.

Two current officials said another candidate is Mike Vickers, the Pentagon's assistant secretary for special operations. But a Defense Department official said Vickers has not been
contacted for an interview. All the officials spoke on condition of
anonymity because a replacement for Blair has not been announced.

Clapper currently is defense undersecretary for intelligence.

It is terrible, but when I heard this all I could think of Johnny Carson and Jack Webb. The following video is a classic. It sure puts a different light, one that makes me smile.

And good luck to Mr. Clapper, tough job.

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Can't they find Clod Clapper?
I've been over alliteratrated.

Woohoo, I made a new word.
All are appropriately alliterated alas!
I CAN say this if I do it real slowly.
I'm crazy about the copper clapper caper. I hope, if Mr Clapper is named to the position, he will take advantage of the name recognition to crack at least one teensy joke on the subject!




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