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Let's celebrate this wonderful story, which was published in 1960.  


For those who haven't read it, here's a treat for you: 


Click here to read it.

Or here, if that doesn't work.


For me, the lessons about life dovetailed with what my mother always told us: "Life's not fair.  Nobody ever said it was going to be fair.  But you have to try your best to be fair yourself."


What has it meant to you?






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I read the book and could not put it down.
I've read the book and seen the movie more times than I can remember.
Big doings over in Monroeville to celebrate. Nellie, as usual will not participate.
Yes, I read that there are re-enactments of scenes and readings and parties planned. I got myself hooked on that site and am rereading it right now. It's been years and years.
But neither you or the book shows its age.
My first dog was named Scout...

I saw the movie first. I was young and the only lesson I remember now was to respect my elders.

The first time I read it it was required summer reading in High School. I cried. I laughed---

The sixth grade seemed to please him from the beginning: he went through a brief Egyptian Period that baffled me - he tried to walk flat a great deal, sticking one arm in front of him and one in back of him, putting one foot behind the other. He declared Egyptians walked that way; I said if they did I didn't see how they got anything done, but Jem said they accomplished more than the Americans ever did, they invented toilet paper and perpetual embalming, and asked where would we be today if they hadn't? Atticus told me to delete the adjectives and I'd have the facts.” ~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 7

I was most taken by Scout’s story…her growth.
I read Atticus’ story the second time. I found him inspiring, He was brave and kind and caring and humble and loving…
I learned about honor and integrity.

I’ve probably read it a half dozen times, the last being two weeks ago. I see something different every time. I learn a new lesson every time…

O, and I learned that I never wanted to be a ham in the school play ;-D
What, you're not a damn ham?
This is on my reread list....it's been far to long...
I'm loving books on line - up to chapter nine already!
Somebody at TBD and actually someone on this thread recommended it. ;-) I enjoyed it.
Very much so.

The part that stuck with me involves a story in my own life. I can't pull up the on-line book so I'll summarize. Scout mentions that Atticus had taught them to not stand there with their mouths open and later in one scene, I believe, Scout had done or said something and she looked at Atticus and he was standing there with his mouth open. :-)
I'm sorry the link didn't work for you. I put up another one - it may be an inside/outside USA thing.




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