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Tis the season, so they say . . .
it's time
to deck
the halls.

Would you indulge a little Sage
without coherent reason?

Put away your credit cards,
and don't go near the mall;
lest the bailed out bankers
grab ya by the balls.
© D. Winter
December 25, 2009

Tags: american, dissent

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From the news reports it sounds like nobody is going anywhere in your next of the woods till next year. So chuck another log on the fire, and enjoy the quiet I guess.
Ya-yeah, that's NECK, neck of the woods. And as for the quiet, well. We know it won't last forever, will it. America won't let a little thing like the weather dampen the hum of productivity for very long.

No-no, of course not. That's why we have mortgage meltdowns . . .
I'm not into the credit card thing. It's not my style. I do, however, have two more weeks before school starts, and several bottles of wine that I was given for Christmas. (People must think I like the stuff.) Looks like I've got my work cut out for me. Merry merry, all.




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