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I had friendly exchanges with Tina on the old TBD and looked forward to knowing her better. I was shocked and saddened when Tina announced she was dying and would be leaving the site.

When accusations about the nature or validity of her illness appeared, I was confused. Simultaneously going through a betrayal in real life at the time didn't bolster my trust, especially online. I grew angry at the possibility someone or some people were hurting others and said things from that frame of mind that I now regret.

I have apologized to Tina privately and I am now apologizing publicly.
I have no more to say on the subject.


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LOL to the picture, Tina. The tiny goggles, and knife are a crack up.
The words are true.
“Hate grows and victors where love is afraid to share its bloom”
Tina, don't over feed that little guy.
Thank you for this thread Real Teal; I am so glad that you have examined this situation and reached understanding. I will never know why I was not allowed to speak truth after calling Tina's son to check on her condition while at the old site; it could have made such a difference if a few of us who had been in contact were allowed to speak freely. I received private messages from so many who were confused and I wish I had spent more time letting them know the truth rather than trying to speak it on the forum where I kept getting shut down. I believe the entire truth is the only thing that will completely heal what happened and I hope this thread is allowed to continue. Tina spoke truth at the old site and so did her sister Valerie. I spoke with her after the night she almost died, and had left the old TBD. She had just been through a terrible physical ordeal and was still unable to speak for long, gasping for air, but she expressed only forgiveness, compassion and kindness for the ones who started the rumors that could have harmed her spirit while she was fighting for her life. When I became angry, she stayed my hand and I am thankful to her. Tina has taught me so much about being a genuine human being and I am forever grateful for the time I have been allowed to know her and benefit from her wisdom. I send her Light still, every day, and I ask for a miracle that will allow her to regain her health and for us to continue to communicate with her. I very much appreciate your apology and also Anthony's last week. Perhaps we can make up for the confusion and distrust that she never deserved and certainly didn't need during that phase of her illness. I cannot express how much she has helped me in my life to overcome history of an abusive childhood and the fears that had kept me from doing my creative work to my capacity. I am grateful for the wisdom of the ancestors she shares with me and everything she has taught me about the Native ways. Tina is one of the most caring, compassionate and forgiving people I have ever known. And one of the most genuine. I regret losing a few friends during the drama but I hope they will return as the truth is known. I will never regret taking a stand for Tina during her absence. But then, I knew she was telling us the complete truth, with no subterfuge whatsoever. I was just not allowed to share what I knew. If anyone wishes to send positive energy, prayers, healing, or encouragement to Tina, we still have the thread for her healing at the Light Brigade group. I am grateful for the efforts of anyone who brings closure and understanding to this situation. May Peace be with us all. And much Love and Light is still being sent to you for your healing, my dear friend and Sister in Spirit, Tina. May you live long and live well. Thank you for all the blessings you have given unto me. ~ All Ways ~ Raven
Raven, I knew there was a lot of confusion and I believe still is. I knew nothing about the fact that you were not allowed to speak. When I think about it, it just sounds outrageously ridiculous: not allowed to speak? where? in USA? See what I mean? I still can not wrap my head around this concept.
It is all so very sad to me, not so much for me anymore Alla, because after this much effort has been put in, still those who began and then those who followed, with the exception of a couple, they still are not interested in the truth. I cannot fix this for them, and they haven't the interest in truth. It is sad to me for them and that those who have chosen to support it have set it up for the next person that gets in a persons way! Very sad...I am also choosing now to not respond unless I see fit, for I thought at first that those who were my friends had been confused, naw they were not, they do not want truth. I have done all I am able to do for them and they have proven who they are and who they wish to be. I cannot "wrap my head around it either, I think that Catnip, Golanv, and Lynda have shared things very perfectly. and I have many people who have proven who they are, and they are my friends. I will only post here now when I feel it might benefit the next one they wish to blindside with slander and lies.
There will always also be those who wish to speak and seek the truth. On this I can believe. Thank you much for what you have posted. Anthony really did make some difference, so that is my focus now.

I do not know anything about this issue, as I have said before. Last time it was discussed, a moderator closed the thread. It was my thread. Now it just has started again, one day they will figure all this out I guess. I guess it is time for me to go away again, as I have no input.
Thank you, Golanv.
This thread should be moved to the Saturday Night Fights.

1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
3. Law. defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.

I'm not even sure if true names are being used on this site.

Signed: George




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