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I have my papers in order, can I stay?
Maybe they should kick out all the conservatives.
A one party system, time to party.
Click the hidden link "Let's start here." in the original post.
What a great lesson for the young white folk.
We (The Us Government) paid the Klamath River Tribe $40,000 apiece for the money owed them for their land. (Late 50's)
Now the Confederated Tribes are buying the land back with casino income.
That is why the Nez Perce Tribe needed a casino in the Columbia River. The request was denied.
Don’t worry as the Indians can take care of their own interests.
"Don’t worry as the Indians can take care of their own interests."

Like the ecosystems of the Louisiana Gulf coast?
"4000 throats can be cut in one night by a running man."
Knives are not celluloid figments of imagination.

I don't drink beer.
Guess you never been shot at...neither are guns, but by all means, good luck with your knife. I'll side with Bill, and have a beer, over stabbing or shooting someone anyday, but change has come to this nation, so you say.
Happy Memorial Day.
We already went to the cemeteries as we had boo-coo Iris's.
We have lost allot of fine Men in the wars.
We do remember them though.
The Indians are a very proud people that for years were fighting the hatred of the white people. The Indians do not like being talked about and want to be left alone.
Now with their status, people want to become Indians. One reservation has about four members that are Indian and four more that are white. It’s all about money which is sad.
How is it possible for anyone to 'own' land. One walks on land, works it, kills it and replenishes it with his corpse after death. Land is land. Sky is Sky. Air is air. Time is Time. Nobody owns these things....they exsist in the realm of its blessed embrace.




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