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Things you wonder about TBDers who are MIA or no longer here

List things you wonder about former or MIA TBDers. Use  I wonder...


I wonder if Pru still thinks of us.

I wonder if Tina Volk is in good health.

I wonder if Zendog got in trouble doing his protest.

I wonder why some people leave without saying good-bye.

I wonder if Katy_did is having fun.

I wonder if Jerr is ok. He doesn't email me.

I wonder if Lily Roth is still chasing fairies and elves.

I wonder if Jermann is still around (alive).

I wonder if JustBeingMe66 married that other female TBDer he met up with.

I wonder if Harley Hans Hoglin married his gf.

I wonder if Grace Linda and pc 1589 married their guys.

I wonder if Nick Danger still plays with words.



*Please NO MALICE!


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I'll leave it to you to write the "Dear John" letter.
I'll start with "we've gotta talk, and conclude with "its not you, its me".  That oughta work!

Usually does...

*passing Robbie a tissue...and commiserating about what a b*tch SY is ....*

Yeah, the standard form letter...be direct...don't beat around the bush.

I'm trying to multiply 111,111,111,111 by 111,111,111,111 in my head but am getting distracted looking at your legs.


What happened to that fellow who used to pose those "Who is _____  ? " ( fill in the blank with some TBD member) questions?



KD Blake...he's happily hosting and posting a music thread over on FB.  He's FB friends with a lot of TBD1 people.
Pru saved my life today.  I was being lurked by a rabbit.  It was a Mexican stand off and neither of us could speak Mexican.  I texted Pru and she said kill the rabbit but the rabbit was between me and the gun.  She texted hit him with a rock but the rabbits's rock was bigger.  Then invited the rabbit for hassen stew for supper in German.  Then the rabbit left.  Since I no longer had any hassen I ended up eating catfish at the Cat Spring Country Club.
Just turn the dogs out....will be just as effective and a lot quicker.
Well, there's always Elmer Fudd.
Hasenpfeffer (German Rabbit Stew) Recipe


4 lb Rabbit
1 1/2 c Dry red wine
3/4 c Cider vinegar
2 ts Salt; optional
1/2 ts Freshly ground black pepper
1 Bay leaf
1/2 c Onions; chopped
1 tb Mixed pickling spice
1/2 c Flour
4 tb Butter
1 c Onions; thinly sliced
2 tb Sugar
1/2 c Sour cream


Cut rabbit in serving-sized pieces. Wash, scrape, and soak in salted cold water for 1 hour. Drain and dry.
In a glass or pottery bowl mix together the wine, vinegar, salt, pepper, bay leaf, chopped onions, and pickling spice. Add the rabbit and let marinate in the refirgerator for 3 days. Turn the pieces occasinally. Drain the rabbit; strain and reserve the marinade. Dry the rabbit with paper towels and roll in flour.

Melt butter in a Dutch oven or deep heavy skillet; brown the rabbit and sliced onions in it. Pour off fat and add sugar and 1-1/2 cups marinade. Cover and cook over low heat 1-1/2 hours or until rabbit is tender. Turn the pieces occasionally and add more marinade if needed. Taste for seasoning. Mix the sour cream into the gravy just before serving.
That sounds delicious.  I can even buy bunny at the grocer!
The recipe could feed the hungry and help solve BAF's wabbit problem.




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