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Things you wonder about TBDers who are MIA or no longer here

List things you wonder about former or MIA TBDers. Use  I wonder...


I wonder if Pru still thinks of us.

I wonder if Tina Volk is in good health.

I wonder if Zendog got in trouble doing his protest.

I wonder why some people leave without saying good-bye.

I wonder if Katy_did is having fun.

I wonder if Jerr is ok. He doesn't email me.

I wonder if Lily Roth is still chasing fairies and elves.

I wonder if Jermann is still around (alive).

I wonder if JustBeingMe66 married that other female TBDer he met up with.

I wonder if Harley Hans Hoglin married his gf.

I wonder if Grace Linda and pc 1589 married their guys.

I wonder if Nick Danger still plays with words.



*Please NO MALICE!


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I miss all the time I spent goofing off on the Island of Misfit Toys. We had a blast...I bet most of you never even knew we were having that much fun. 
Thankfully I made some amazing friends at TBD..I am like Ubu, I am glad I stumbled upon it.

I remember "slappy"....and "hugh"...smart and sassy....Very funny..:-D

I've seen "slappy" on the fb....

Oh yes, we are all good friends. Oh yes, our buddy Slappy is still ornery as ever.


TBD was my first "social networking" experience. I had been in some chat groups back in the 90's. But they weren't identified as "social networks. And, nothing previous came close to the attraction of TBD. Come to think of it; nothing since has either. Facebook has no attraction for me. It's too sloppy for my taste.

I remember you showing up at the 'Island' Quinn. That was me recruiting, Tom started the Last Word there, we got to 1000 comments before the doors closed....and Tom had the last word...it was wonderfully fitting. 

I have not seen the Social Network...sounds like I should.


Did someone say intimate?


*sheeesh*   Isn't 12 enough for you?
I'm not getting intimate with SG, or BS. Maybe Stir.
Damn....rejection is a bitch....

Uh, Bob, you can take my place with Robbie.


Please, I insist!



He's really not my type.....besides I would really hate to deprive you of the opportunity.
Sorry,  getting intimate with Robbie is not on my bucket list.




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