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Things you wonder about TBDers who are MIA or no longer here

List things you wonder about former or MIA TBDers. Use  I wonder...


I wonder if Pru still thinks of us.

I wonder if Tina Volk is in good health.

I wonder if Zendog got in trouble doing his protest.

I wonder why some people leave without saying good-bye.

I wonder if Katy_did is having fun.

I wonder if Jerr is ok. He doesn't email me.

I wonder if Lily Roth is still chasing fairies and elves.

I wonder if Jermann is still around (alive).

I wonder if JustBeingMe66 married that other female TBDer he met up with.

I wonder if Harley Hans Hoglin married his gf.

I wonder if Grace Linda and pc 1589 married their guys.

I wonder if Nick Danger still plays with words.



*Please NO MALICE!


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I wonder if Long Kayak still dj's somewhere.

I wonder if GreenEyes ("Greenie") still stirs up good, wholesome trouble.


Maricel, I can answer one of yours for you.... yes, my bestest chickie, Kati_did, is having fun. :-)

Thx d's girl....I see Kate on FB from time to time.
I wonder how Rocket Man is doing.  He signed up here, but I don't think he ever got involved.

I wonder if Caro is still a Paul Thorn fan.

I wonder if Brine is still enjoying life at the beach and working at the hardware store.

I wonder if Angel and Chasing Cars are still together. [I think she moved to Colorado to be with him???]

I wonder how Monkeypants and her son are doing...

Heya Quinn! MP and her son are vacationing in New Mexico right now. I almost went up to visit her in San Fran earlier this month but plans didn't work out on my end.

Pru still thinks of tbd, but was burned out. She is fine.

I hear from Jerr once in a while.

pc1589 had a guy?

Did Fromz run for elected  office?

Did Janus lose one of his faces.

Did bad frog overdose on froggy juice?

Did SPUFF join the Somali Pirates? 

Did Arky ever become a teenager?

Did Bryan and Monkeypants get married?

Did Scooter find love?

Do Beth By the Bay and Alpaca still speak?

Did those Tennesseans OH and PA ever meet?

I worry about chez moi.


I wonder if Cez Moi still tends her garden and picks wild mushrooms.

Robbie, when was the last time you heard from Jerr?

Right before pc1589 dropped out of sight here, she did mention a guy offline she was very keen on.

Pru looked great while have an Orange Dream last Wednesday.   We discussed several TBDers.


Tina stays busy on facebook.


And some people like me almost got wiped out by a 1/2 inch snow blizzard on 2/3/2011.

Thx for the info on Pru and Tina Aggie.

Things I know: Brine got married to his sweetie, and they are happy in their beach town. Beth and Alpal are still having fun being sisters, and Alpal is about to get married. I'll ask PA if he met OH, because we're going to be hanging out for a day in May. I left without saying goodbye because my life got complicated and I moved across the country. Just getting settled in to a whole new world.


I wonder if Bull still has his horns. :)

I would guess he got a year older....




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