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Feel free to add to this list.

1. Drive a straight shift.
2. Fix a toilet.
3. Change the oil.
4. Change a diaper.
5. Cook....anything.
6. Dress properly for the occasion
7. Sew.... at least a button on.
8. laundry
9. Iron a shirt
10. Change a flat tire.
11. Build a fire.
12. Do the Foxtrot and Waltz.
13. Ride a horse.
14 Shoot a gun.
15. Fish
16. Hunt.
17. Clean and dress fish and game.
18. Plant and grow a garden.
19. Defend your wife and children.
20. Act alone.
21.Give orders.
22. Take orders.
23. Read a map.

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Nod your head and agree, even when you don't.
Don't ask your female partner to go go check out the burglar in the house - do it yourself.
know CPR
Defend a woman's honour.
Which you do so well m'dear :) !

Be patient whilst shopping. (TSD is :)
24. locate the g-spot
25. the female cycle
26. when to cry
27. multitask
28. children's birthdays & milestones
29. when to let go
30. pitch a tent

Good one.
Someone needs to give a metal to a guy, lets say,that is married for fifty years.
Take her out in the garage and ask her if your tool box looks sexy, that should get some peace of mind/quiet for a few minutes. lol
A very funny lady Felicia. This was the perfect thread for this.
That's well and good as long as she tells him and doesn't keep him guessing. Of course, by not telling him is a good way to set him up for failure.
When to shut up.
Every man should know about the numerous uses of duct tape. It can fix anything according to my dad.




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