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This afternoon was not the usual day off afternoon . I have been having some medical problems lately and the Doctor ordered an MRI. I first had to check in as an out patient. That was a 30 minutes of filling out forms. Then wait 25 minutes for some guy to take me down a dark corridor. I have to take all my cloths off and get this long skinny tube like thing.They put all this garb on my head as they are looking at my brain(good luck). I lay there for 30 minutes and listen to the jack hammers and then they roll me out and put an IV in my arm and do it all over again. I felt very abused. Has anyone else had this experience.???? Dang, and I think they are going to charge me

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I'm just glad you have gotten as far as you got.
I know the medical insanity prevails, but I'm just glad our little Blondie is here to write about it. I always look to see what you've encountered and I'm glad you are out there, having them look for your brain.

Hugs to you, Blondie!
That's the worst, the bill!

I hope they found nothing wrong, at least...

the unknown is always scarey. But I am sure they will find nothing but an empty space.
I think they should pay us for all this abuse:)
It’s a little late to tell you not to be scared.
My doctor ordered one on me and I was scared spitless.
I kept my eyes closed as the thing made all kinds of weird noises.
I never heard if I died or not.
My doctor had me on the fast treadmill for over an hour, I thought the little twerp was trying to kill me?
He just grins when I ask him about this.
blondie, you're going to let us all know as soon as you hear the results, right?

I'm glad they don't test for testicular cancer the same way they test for breast cancer. ouch, OUCH
they really should. discrimation again!!!--I'M fine, they are just trying to find a brain, They do not know I am the scarecrow!@#@!----AKA Gary Young--lmao
I have mri's all the time. I show up in my pajamas and I feel like I'm officially workig. I find mri's to be very soothing, actually.
I think the IV must have been saying "vacancy"---no detail

How dare they mess up your hair. Well, I never!!!

Seriously Blondie, I hope everything turns out well. Keep us posted.
Hi Blondie, Yes the MRI's are not fun. Just be glad they didn't mess your hair up with a colonoscopy!
Just kidding, I know medical tests can be scary and frustrating. Wishing you all the best.




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