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Beware I see some scammers on here already (Stellam)

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you want to buy a long bridge? Cheap!
still not sure what you mean...what specifically are they doing? telling sob stories to get people to send money or something?
Did you communicate with her, Don? They will probably still come, just as they did before, and we need to stay vigilant, but you need to be sure before you cry wolf.

There is a place to report abuses: just go to the bottom of the page and click on 'Report an Issue'.

Without Kat we will all need to put on our big boy pants and police ourselves a little better now, though. Calling them out, letting them know the limits, and warning that we will report may be what it takes to discourage the spammers, scammers and other offensive characters.
Offensive characters? If they weren't offensive, they wouldn't have any character at all.
They certainly are, I think they are all over the place. Let's get our paranoia caps and send out a possie!




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