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How do you define it, The Present Moment ?. Its a value we are
told by some is 'a mathematical impossibility. We are either approaching it, or moving away
from it. (eg: 1 sec prior to....1/100000 seconds prior to until you get to 1/0, or 0, a
'value' or concept or we're told cant really exsist?. Does that mean the present
moment never actually occurs? If it does, how long does it last? Where exactly does the
truth lie? Do we  never experience this elusive 'moment'? Is life itself a complete

Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the long held belief that 1/0 is an
impossibility. In this case, (it seems to me, at least) is  the present moment all that

What actually occurs in the present moment? Love, suffering, pain....or is it some great
hallucination we have little possibility of understanding, let alone experiencing?

Just wondering. For a real long time. Love to all, Mother Sanity

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Well that is a more sanitary discription than the one I was thinking about. It involved food.

When one thinks of the "present moment," we usually connote it with something meaningful to him or her. Can we have a "meaningless" present moment? ....like waiting forever at the airport for your plane to arrive or depart????




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