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How do you define it, The Present Moment ?. Its a value we are
told by some is 'a mathematical impossibility. We are either approaching it, or moving away
from it. (eg: 1 sec prior to....1/100000 seconds prior to until you get to 1/0, or 0, a
'value' or concept or we're told cant really exsist?. Does that mean the present
moment never actually occurs? If it does, how long does it last? Where exactly does the
truth lie? Do we  never experience this elusive 'moment'? Is life itself a complete

Or is there something fundamentally wrong with the long held belief that 1/0 is an
impossibility. In this case, (it seems to me, at least) is  the present moment all that

What actually occurs in the present moment? Love, suffering, pain....or is it some great
hallucination we have little possibility of understanding, let alone experiencing?

Just wondering. For a real long time. Love to all, Mother Sanity

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Why do we refer to it as "The Present Moment"? Of course the present moment exists. It consists of 60 seconds. But. "The Absolute Present"? Not in any quantitative measure that I know of. Of course when I had calculus that is the way it was initiallly discribed. Calculus will enable you to determine what is taking place an a predetermined instant or point on your route from Fitchburg, Mass. to Boston, Mass.
theoretically, ofcourse.
Robbie, I always thought this was "The Absolut Present"

But I don't advise drinking it while traveling between Fitchburg and Boston.
But it sure makes me feel better about Kansas!
Thats like, what came first, the chicken or the egg. Obviosly, they are different forms of the same thing, thus they came simultaneously....(nice thought, huh folks). I dont know. I think you approach, then recede from the present moment. I'm kind of doubting it exsists.
I am constantly in mine.

Whether or not I pay attention to it is another question.
Yeh, Coming simultaneously is always good.

Usually I only use that for TeeBubba.
My point exactly! Bad Boy!
I wish I were a little less awake. Damn so much to do that the day mays well be over.
I dont care about your spelling...So, therefor the only 'true reality' is nonexsistance?
So, Sheldon, you're saying I can no longer blame my dimensions on aging?

*Dang! Gotta find a new scapegoat!*




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