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We have all seen the stories. The stories of wanna be criminal masterminds that it turns out these people were not really born to be the criminal masterminds they wanna be. Ok--check out this latest story here...and hope to God you are in no way related to this guy!


After you come to grips with yourself and you have wiped away the tears from your eyes...let's share some other stories about dumb criminals you have heard of, or read about. hey---if you have the links to the story--that would be wonderful! I am sure this thread is going to be a long line of dumbness revealed!

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Calli, that was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
Youtube...u gotta love it!

You just GOTTA love dumb crooks and modern technology!!

This just in:


Though it gets the award for stupid victims as well as stupid crooks!
I don't have a link to document this but I heard that a man robbed a bank. He wrote a note on the back of one of his deposit slips.
Indianapolis, IN,--Two men are arrested at their work site shortly after their lunch break was over. They were charged with arm robbery and possession of stolen property after they robbed a village pantry. The case was not that difficult to crack for the police. The get away vehicle the suspects used had the logo and phone number of their place of employment.
His love for chocolate cost him 15 years in State prison!

Some things just defies explanation

Driving lesson ends as crash course in bedroom
Unlicensed ‘instructor’ led student on bad trip down Good Luck Road

LANHAM, Maryland - Police say a driving lesson on Good Luck Road ended with a minivan crashing through an apartment wall.

It happened in Lanham, where apartment resident Robert Scriber's leg was hurt by flying debris. He said the minivan landed on top of a bed where he'd been lying minutes before.

Police said a man was teaching his friend to drive when the accident occurred just after 10 a.m. Monday

Authorities said the driver was in the country illegally and didn't have a license. The man's friend didn't have a license either, they said.

Both are charged with reckless endangerment, and the driver has also been charged with driving without a license.
This thread is really funny....there are just so many people doing dumb stuff.

I wonder if any crook has been let off because he was so stupid?




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