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The Infamous Forum's Check-in Comment Wall Thread Thingy ;-p

I was wondering.... can our Forum have a Comment Wall beneath the "Discussions" & "Games" categories? Sometimes I don't want to play a game or participate in a particular discussion at the moment, but would like simply to check in & say 'hi.'
I used to have that kind of camaraderie in the Daily Grind, but it's a ghost town w/only tumble weeds now, to my disappointment. :-(

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Brilliant idea...wish it had been mine.
Thanks! Well, jump right in!
I'm back and now that you have reminded me I'm going over to the daily grind.
I'll check in if folks will say something besides (((((____)))))!!! I like conversation and fun.
Okay, Chez, how about you & I co-chair the stimulating conversation responsibility, whaddaya say?

(although I did just "(((((_____)))))" CuppaJoe! ;-p
No lines in the sand....unless they lead to the surf....that way everybody gets to take a dip in the water.
Well, I can't promise that my conversation will stimulate everyone, or even anyone, but I'll talk. And I used to have a certain reputation as a hostess at the Good Times B&B.




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