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When I was about eight or nine my innocent little world was stealthily invaded by something so incredibly immoral that I felt for that my parents would banish me to Leavenworth if they caught me at it (as if I knew what Leavenworth was at eight years old).  The source of my early corruption came in the form of a periodical I discovered in my older brother's closet.  It was so very adult.  It was called "Mad Magazine".

I knew that this publication understood the world in a way that I did not.  It talked about things that I heard about on the news which I ignored for the first couple of years.  I'd go straight for the movie parodies, the funny comics and the fold-up on the back page.

It was clearly an intellectual publication because I didn't understand much of it, but I got a sense that if someone as dorky looking as Alfred E. Newman could comprehend the weird and wicked ways of culture and politics that there was help for me yet.

It made me feel mature.

What did Mad Magazine do for you?


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I gather you're not a maniacal rightest.

NO, he tries to be a fair and balanced maniac.

I used to be a kleptomaniac but I took something for it.

I perused MAD magazine in my early teens. Many of my relatives my age have an acerbic sense of humor as well as a sharp wit. MAD was a perfect fit. I liked the racy cartoons lol  Since I was part of the latchkey generation, we didn't have much supervision at home so we could pretty much read or see anything that interested us.

A modern version of MAD=  http://www.dailykos.com/blog/Comics

Here a great MAD covers over the years: http://planetoddity.com/mad-magazines-good-old-covers/

Looking at those photos will catapult you back in time.

That was lovely.  Thanks Maricel.




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