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how do you kill a bird

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Put salt on his tail and wait for a shark to come eat him.
With a rifle or if you're really good, you can kill two with one stone....nyuk!nyuk!nyuk!
First you have to lure him by dressing up like an earthworm.
Birds love earthworms.
Throw birdseed in your yard. A small tactical nuke will take care of the rest.

Or, hack his personal data and steal his credit card number. Run up a HUGE debt, one that will take decades to pay off, and the bird knows that he has a lifespan of only three or four years. The prospect of unending calls from creditors and bill collectors for the rest of his life will make him commit suicide.

Voila. Avians Deceasus.
am I missing something or is this a James question?
i was just fooling around
You could just walk to the freezer case in the grocery store, they have many dead birds.

The tactical nuke is good too, it kills and cooks them in one fell swoop.
Yea!! The Wiggler, were safe.
*that is hot!!!!*..just saying..;-)
Very hot indeed!
can i have some of the wiggler can i




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