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Who do you take after?  Your mother or your father?  Are you a blend and do you wish you were more like one or the other?  Do you ever wonder how you would have turned out with different parents?  Are you happy with your genetic inheritance? 

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My Mother.

I am more of a blend of my parents. My facial features and body type are from my mother's side, and my coloring and personality/temperament are from my father's side.
I used to wonder what life would be like with different parents, but am content with who I am now.
I was happy with my genetic inheritance until some health problems were discovered last fall that the doctors think are genetic - my brother and late father share the same problems.
Physically I take after my mom's side. My personality is a mix of both. My Dad and I didn't mesh when I was a teenager. (wonder why?) Ha. I did not want to be like him but I ended up like him anyways.
Ah yes. To be young and know it all. That was the life.
I'm sorry. I guess you still know it all, right? ;-)
The Milkman
...and I take it you're happy with that? :-)
I look in the mirrow and see my Mother looking back, and that can be scary. I have some of her genetic issues like HBP, but I have the strong personality of my Dad, He always valued his individuality. For years, I thought I was someones elses child. There were five children and I was the third--middle child stuff, I guess. Remember we were the Walton--Grandparents and all
Physically like my grandfather on my dad's side. How I view the world? a combination of both parents.
Because it is nice to be able to open up to people that you have learned are not too judgemental.
You are an open person, Lady. I like it that you can share so freely.
Oh ya, I'm always hungry ... I think I got that from the dog ...............




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