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This subject keeps coming up and I just cant understand it. My brother has been preparing for contact, and dealing with his alien abduction experiences, but that's really another story.

It's not that I dont believe in UFO's, its just that I've never seen one. And believe me, (to give my bro the benefit of a doubt,) I've looked hard. I like what Larry King said...if they want to make contact, why not just land in Times Square.

What's the probability of life on other planets? Ofhand I'd speculate 100%. But so what? What is this insatiable desire to make contact? Arent there enough people here on earth to make contact with? Hmmm, I guess its just another thing in science that I dont understand. Mother Sanity

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when i was abduckted by dem aliens in their rockit ship twuz a scary lookin place whar dem critters a'needin baths was a sleepin or hangin round n mos of em not even able to speek english
And the loch ness monster, and gnomes, and the cheschire cat, and the great pumpkin, charlie brown, and......
Thank god it's just not me...
Reminds me of a party I went to a few months ago....

We were introduced to a new couple, and it soon became apparant that the guy was a conspiracy theory nut. He kept talking about how the history we knew was all wrong because the government covered things up. Every damn subject we tried to change to had a conspiracy theory attached to it. (And I noticed that his wife walked away.) When he started talking about how we were secretly trading with other nations and that the government was keeping the information from us, my husband finally reached his limit. He did the little glance-around-quickly move, lowered his voice, and told the man, "That's not what you should really be worried about. That's just to distract people from what's REALLY going on." It was exactly what the guy wanted to hear and he leaned in closer and asked what my husband was talking about. Hubby went on, "Well, I work for the government, and the REAL cover-up going is over interplanetary trade." I waited for the guy to laugh, but instead his eyes got bigger and he exclaimed, "I've always thought something like that could be happening!" Hubby went on to tell him that it was kept a secret from the public because people couldn't handle the knowledge, but how else could you explain our advances in weaponry and technology.

I had to walk away at that point, because I couldn't hold back the laughter any more!

So, if you buy anything that looks a little.... alien..... now you know why, lol! :-D
Sounds kind of like my brother...
What a man, Calli!
That is funny! I have written that prank down should I ever find myself in that kind of situation. First peeing in the sump...and now this.....I learn soooo much here on TBD!
There are no aliens of course. Moss maybe. Could be. There could be moss out there somewhere. Aliens? No way. But once . . .

There was a guy named von Braun. He was a rocket scientist. He developed rocket technology for the German Army. The rockets were built at a place named Camp Dora. It was a satellite camp attached to Auschwitz. Not physically attached mind you, but you know . . .

Camp Dora had 60,000 people engaged in the production of this new technology. Estimates are that between one third and one half of them died, due to starvation, disease, not to mention the beatings and summary executions so necessary to maintain order among a population of slaves harnessed to the machine . . .

Schindler he was not.

WE brought von Braun and 100 of his co-workers to the U.S. under a program named Project Paperclip. We brought about 100 of the rockets too, stuck them out in the desert and began the process of assembly. During testing one of them landed in Juarez Mexico. Oops.

Concurrent with the rocket testing program we began a Project Mogul. That was designed to identify the best technology and techniques to produce an early rocket launch warning system. They were using weather balloons. One of them crashed near Roswell. Of course we didn't want the Ruskies to have any idea what we were up to so we lied. Brig. Gen. Roger Ramey tried to set the record straight - only one day later - but it was too late, the alien genie was already out of the bottle.

In the 60s there were a lot of tales of abduction, but no evidence. I note however, that the FBI does get a bit worked up whenever seemingly credible claims rise in the news. They collect evidence and interview witnesses.

I think they are looking for kidnappers really. I mean, why else would they get so worked up over a practical joke. Probably because it just isn't funny any more.

About the time the alien mythology and abduction reports hit their peak there was a behaviorist named Lloyd Homme who was quoted in the Psychological Record 18 [1968] We have the capacity to install any behavior we want.

And in 1997 or 98 there was a cult that came to be called Heaven's Gate.

One day before they engaged in mass suicide Art Bell had a guest on his radio show who made statements supporting the delusional belief system of the cult. And if I had hard evidence, then I would round up every single individual involved in supporting their delusional system of belief, and I would shoot them. I would. I would shoot them, every last one, for having engaged in a conspiracy to commit mass murder . . .

Conspiracy? O we have conspiracy in this country today . . .

Don't we? Just think of all of the billions made off of drugs.

I'd say conspiracy can be educational and even quite profitable . . .
It is interesting, in a sick kind of a way, but Goebbels was fond of lying to the public. It really didn't turn out too well.

He was so successful that despite the cattle cars full of bodies, the crematoria, the stench, many remained in denial of the holocaust long after the war was over.

I really do wonder sometimes if this country really is worth saving. I mean, really. What are we? What have we, or will we become?

A nation of liars?

Aliens? Who needs 'em, ZD...


nothing unusual happened regarding aliens so far i n my life so no comment here :)




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