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The 105th World Series Championship Series! New York Yankees vs. The Philladelphia Phillies Game 4

We went from almost getting rained out to The Phillies getting wiped out last night! Yankees now lead 2 games to 1 after an 8/5 victory last night! Andy Pettitte added to his ML record of 17 post season wins.
We have 3 games down with 2 to 4 more games to go, starting with tonight's game 4 taking place in Philladelphia, and is schedule to take place at 8:20 PM EST. (Why do they have to beat so late nights?)

Tonight's starting pitchers are:

For The NY Yankees
CC Sabathia Pictures, Images and Photos
CC Sabathia
Who got the best record in Baseball'for 2009--
but lost the 1st game of the series!

For The Phillies:
Joe Blanton at FanFest 2007 Pictures, Images and Photos
Joe Blanton
He also pitched game 4 in last year's
World Series and was dominant with a win of 10-2
over The Devil Rays.

By the way folks--Did u know that the Philladelphia 76ers were in NY playing The NY Knicks last night? The 76ers won that game 141 to 127!!

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Todays pitchers wives match up. Amber Sabathia versus LeeAndra Blanton.



Hey--I never fake!
CC got quite the wife there!!
Ok---Now this is just scary---Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants are playing a game in Philly right now! I mean--who set this weekend up to be like this??

Come join me on this week's NFL thread!
I knew some here would enjoy this


A-Rod's vanity of mythic proportions - has portrait of himself as a centaur, says report

You'd expect Alex Rodriguez to have a bedroom filled with trophies - not bizarre portraits of himself.

US Weekly reports the Yankee's slugger has commissioned paintings of himself - as a centaur.

But wait, it gets better - they're hanging above the superstar athletes' bed, according to the magazine.

"He was so vain. He had not one, but two painted portraits of himself as a centaur. You know, the half man, half horse figure," scoffs an ex-girlfriend to the magazine. "It was ridiculous."
A-Rod never disappoints does he? He continues to make money for the NY Tabloids; I suppose he likes it that way. Being a celebrity has never been easy but he could help himself a lot by keeping his private life private. Is that even possible today?
I am really at odds with what today may bring. If the Phillies win today, I think it will put them in the driver's seat being as Lee is pitching tomorrow on full rest in contrast to Sabathia now pitching on short rest. Also that will put Burnett up again on short rest for game five. Girardi is really pushing his pitching staff.

Would it really be so bad to start Gaudin? They are up one game and would have Sabathia on full rest to go against Cliff Lee in game five. Pitching Gaudin would give both pitchers the rest they needed and the sscore would only be tied if they lost today with Chad. Oh man, all these frustrated living room managers
Well--if it is any luck at all--Philladelphia already won in 2 out of 3 sports they played against NY in the past 24 hours! (They won in basketball last night--and in football today! We already know what the third game is and who lost that one!)
Good that u have hope there Quinn!! Hang on to it! It might be all that you have!
Heart, what's your take on Giradi's managing so far?

He's come out both good and worse for it so far. I am skeptical of his pitching Sabathia on short rest. If he pitched Godin and won, he would be in a decent position against Lee in using Sabathia for Game 5, if he loses, he is still pitching the emotional Burnett in Game 5 on short rest and sending an exhausted pitching staff back to New York. One day would make a huge difference in my opinion.
Even though Sabathia got a no decision on the first game--I love to see the ball in his hand! Sabathia could be the new Tommy John!
T-60 minutes till the game! Who got the popcorn going?




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