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There is a new group "TBD Stalwarts" listed in the "Groups Area of the main page. I would just like to make sure that everyone who participates  in the "Forum" is aware of this group.



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No, In Texas we now have the decals inside the windshield.
Our state must not trust us, we have both.
I wanted to respond appropriately to this discussion but it seems to have wandered down the lane and over this hill.

frankly do not have a problem sending a contribution to Robin to cover a piece of the cost....I don't mind paying to play and I enjoy my time here. If someone's post here doesn't agree with my thoughts\, I know how to find another thread. duh
I'm pretty sure Robin would not publish a list of those who are contributing and paying for everyone's fun. I would expect this just be a transaction between two people and the moderators, by the way, are not is this loop.
Can I forget the Stal part and just be a wart Robbie ?
Tap o the old wand. Just avoid the Pharmacy section in all stores.




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