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i started this discussion in another group but was encouraged to also post here. As 2009 draws to an end, I remember many memorable moments on TBD over the year. Mine includes a faux pas I made in the Sex Talk group which resulted in a public and fun disciplining by our favorite and most lovable mistress, Mystical Maria, and her trusted sidekick, Hunter.

Please share your most memorable TBD moments over the past year. I know we'd all love to hear (read) them. Happy New Year TBD!! xoxo

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From The Desk Of Dorothy Gale

Auntie Em:
Hate you.
Hate Kansas.
Taking the dog.
i lost a friend to canser yester morning.....I am so thank ful for every one here....K
I'm so sorry also Kennedy. My thoughts are with you and your friend's family.
Moosie has taken a lot of notes from the ladies of tbd on questions regarding relationships. He has become an expert.
One of the best threads at the old Q&A was Alpal's about women shopping and fashion. Bethbythebay and AggieK had me in tears. We men were feeling left out and one of the guys started a similar thread.
What was that? It was TBD1...I think it was a 3 day weekend and we were having a sleep over or something. I think Dazz and Karensme started it.There were hot tubs and jacuzzis involved. Sunshine and Chez were still with us too.Lots of bubbles and rubber duckies!There were quite a few "tasty" eye candy pictures too.Oh, Naked Lady In Fur Coat was a priceless thread!! :-)
There was another one that sticks in my brain. I totally screwed up a question and replaced all the words with x's and o's...that thread turned into pure love, everybody was sending hugs and kisses. That was a warm and fuzzy thread.I think these were in 2009 :-)
Kevin, there was once a silly question about frequency of cutting toenails. SandraDee posted a pic that made you turn your head in disgust when you first saw it. Unbelievable, I didn't know whether to laugh or vomit.




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