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i started this discussion in another group but was encouraged to also post here. As 2009 draws to an end, I remember many memorable moments on TBD over the year. Mine includes a faux pas I made in the Sex Talk group which resulted in a public and fun disciplining by our favorite and most lovable mistress, Mystical Maria, and her trusted sidekick, Hunter.

Please share your most memorable TBD moments over the past year. I know we'd all love to hear (read) them. Happy New Year TBD!! xoxo

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Just so you know, I've lost 10 pounds since this was taken.

OMG! I'm sure this was memorable! I know it is for me now! LOL!!
hehehehhe Larry
for you:

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Thanks Maricel, I got some good moves. lol
If I were with you, I'd ask you for one right now.......sighhhhhh....xoxoxo (a hug from Maria, not Fat Bastard...lol)
A great post Belle. I posed a question on Q&A that asked "At what point do you throw away your underwear?"
I was putting away laundry when I thought about this. I saw a hole under the waistband and, knowing it would only get bigger, I threw them away.

I only wish I could remember who gave this answer: "When your underwear is reduced to the waistband and a thread around each leg.

I told this to my brother and his fiance Christmas Eve. I loved his fiance's answer, she said, "When you have several options as to where to put your legs."
I loved Gary's thread in the Q&A with a pic of his closet full of t-shirts. Wendy noticed a Spongebob doll in the background. Gary's next pic was staged with a bunch of toys including Spongebob, Squiggly and a covered wagon. I lost it.
Good one Belle. So many fun memories.

A rabbit reference and then seeing how many KIPs were awarded in the following 24 hours. I think I topped 300 once or twice.

But the truly wondrous thing is the way the community would come together when anyone was in pain in some way. I think that is the true beauty of TBD.
How right you are stillgoing....the support is beyond words. (love your av btw...lol)
One very memorable moment was designing my 1st caricature of a person here and hearing in my mind the laughter from the responses. I'll always have a fond spot for Jerr. lol

Then there were all those jib-jabbings I've done, some which probably sent people in a tizzy particularly in the TQA group. Those guys need to play a little more. LoL

Perhaps the most profound encounter is meeting Tina Volk online and sharing and observing her trials and tribulations. She gave me a better insight on the meaning of humanity. Thanks Tina if you are reading this.

So, to all TBDers...

We adore you too SandraDee!
The last minutes of TBD Prime. Oh my that was difficult. Wonderful moments prior, too many to mention, although I especially loved my ship, The Lady Z and all the great fun times. So many wonderful groups and threads. Tom and his photoshopping and Chuck and his.The alias. Did y'all know I was Alice in Wunderland, Chez was Wendy Darling of Never say Never Land, and MysticalMaria was Dorothy . . . and we all were really in Austria? (No? Well never mind that - it was yesterday long long ago and far away and straight on until morning . . (.-) The parties. The support. The friendships. The flirting. The laughter. One very naughty "player" . The occasional rows, ahem. The furious fights in the "War Rooms" . Dinky and Zen Dog going at it. (Now I'm going back a tad further than a year.)




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