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After a few days here. I like many, are still trying to figure out the best way to use this site and make it feel like home.
I have noticed a few cumbersom things as I am sure others have. This is not a complaint thread but hopefully one that we can be positive and come up with some good ideas and help other as we do.
One of the first things I have noticed is there is a group for about every ten people. This makes it hard to follow activities. Maybe as we go along and we see a lack of activity in some groups we can thin them. I am sure there is some duplication.Again not complaining just saying simpler is better and there obviously aren't as many people here.
Then I noticed the forum tab seems to function as the recent activity area on the original site, though it doesn't post group threads. It seems like a good place for new posts that don't really fit groups and you want the general populist to respond. It's not perfect but I think we can make it work.
If you have more ideas please post them but lets do try to keep them positive. As you can tell I also miss spelll check.
I hope this finds everyone well.
My Best

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Hi Bull !
Your post ties in perfectly with what I just wrote in Chez's "mass e-mall" discussion group. You have some great ideas here.
Concerning the spell check business (I'm mildly dyslexic so spell check is an imperative) down load a google tool bar, lock it, and you will have to hand in your tool bar a fabulous spell check - that even spell checks in several other languages. It works on almost every "box" that you find yourself writing in and you can pick and choose what other features you want to have on your tool bar too that are quite helpful .

I'm on FireFox so here is my link. If you are on Internet Explorer google "google tool bar" and it will pop up as a default to your browser for you to load.


Let me know how you manage.
Wait a minute. Explain this to me more. I teach Medical Transcription and the students are having trouble with the foreign doctors with heavy accents. The students even accuse the doctors of reverting to their own language. Do you think this toolbar would help them? The HAVE to spell medical words correctly.
hahahaha - and what does this have to do with spell check for Bull? Pray tell? Huh?
It's not going to help your students, SeaRain. Medical terminology is not in the those dictionaries. Your students have to check spelling thru medical dictionaries. Help for your students has to be custom made. Google toolbar will allow a new dictionary to be introduced but it has to be custom made. I think you need to find this information in your industry.

Question: Why your students want the doctors to speak clearly? If a doctor speaks clearly, or write so that everybody understands his/her writing, do you think people would still pay loads of money to them? Smile, SeaRain.
Thanks Alla.

I thought SeaRain was pulling my leg - I had no idea this was a serious question! Sorry SeaRain, my bad. ;((

One more time with feeling. If you need spell check - (and we all do form time to time), then consider using the google tool bar. It's easy to load and has other functions that will make your browsing so much easier and faster, and your bookmarking better too.
Do you think people even check to see if a similar group exists? Or do you think creators of secondary groups are creating their own turf?
One thing I've just noticed (others may already know this, but I'm tend to be a little slow) is that when you are visiting a friends page, there is a little note on the left that says "discussions" with a number. You can click on it and find what they've been up to. It helps a little.
True that Quinn, I have discussed a few more times than my "discussions" show. I find I have to go over to Forum...Here...to catch up to discussions I have been in.
I found that this morning
Share, how does it work and what exactly does it do?
Thanks Suzan
Just curious what you were doing.
I'm good DD
Just want to figure out how we can make this a enjoyable as we can. And hold our little community




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