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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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AggieK is going to get a mohawk.

and then aggie got busy on red one:

as a testament to her selfless and generous spirit, aggie spared no expense and time getting every detail perfect. gotta love her!
Oh no Aggs....say it ain't so LOL!
Bonnie has chigger bites all over her, you have to quit rolling around in the grass naked, Bonnie.
red one is having an affair with my boss. Hahahaha
Bonnie has a pet bald eagle
BethD and Bonnie are going to box each other. May the best girl win.
Bonnie is going to box Red one. I will train her. We will win.
Bonnie doesn't want to hurt the GREAT Red One. Do you Bonnie?
red one just peed his pants.
he is a cry baby.
Bonnie just puked.
hey you guys...you know how beth's aways talking about her bitchy boss? i found a pic:

no wonder, poor thing.




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