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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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i never know how long they'll stay on.

bonnie is a counselor in a shopper's rehab.
i took a cue from a genius:

nice gams, mr einstein!

bonnie collects sea shells and decorates all those chotchkies you see in souvenir shops. she's a zillioniare!!
This is actually OC's first boyfriend.
Sarge thinks he is a devil with shiny guns.
Everyone wants to see BethD's headlights
here ya go!

stillgoing is a closet gear head.
OC was Miss Cucamonga in 1988. She liked Einstein's sandals so much that she wore the same style in the bathing suit competition; some say that it was this clever ruse that won the heart of Judge #3 and got her the title.
Every time AggieK goes to the beach she brings home a couple buckets of sand.
She is building her own beach at home.
BethD likes to spin yarn from cat hair and weave pillow covers and comforters. They are sold in exclusive shops in Switzerland.
chez moi likes to make gerbil stew.
Chez Moi, likes to show off her mastery of the french language, but since she doesn't actually know anyone who also speaks french, she has that annoying habit of interjecting french words in into her every day conversations. " oh cheri I would just adore, if you et paul could come over demain to chez moi for some petite four and coffee."




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