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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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BethD sleeps with her 100 cats.
red one has a donkey in his basement.
They have been seen making out in the back yard.
BethD is going to run for mayor of her little village. Her number one cat is the campaign manager. Her slogan is Felines Forever.
I believe they appeared on HeeHaw as a vocal duo back in the eighties...they are good on the close harmony.
Chez moi retired to France after working the cornfield on Hee Haw which is how she knows everyone who appeared.
stillgoing is on a secret mission to find where my 100 cats are housed in their profitable cathouse
BethD is taking a shower with her cats. they HATE it !~!~!
beth's cats don't really hate the shower...they hate it when red one stands outside looking through the window. he sneaks in the house when beth's at work and tortures them by making faces and taunting them....what a perv!

"help me, too!"

red one is relentless

the little ones have no chance.

the older ones know the drill....so they wear disguises

or just try to be crazier than he is

hoping he'll am-scray.
OCNat slipped a lil mickey into the last cat's water bowl. Poor thing was hallucinating it was a big tiger....LOL
Skittles??? I thought they were M&M's....Skittles have too much sugar no wonder I'm typing so fast today.

I think Bonnie switched the M&M's in my bag with Skittles....bad....bad....lady. LOL
sarge was feeling around in the dark for the m&m's in his bag of last year's halloween candy that he's been savoring and rationing----only 2 months to go til you can replenish, sarge! he wants to borrow my zena outfit.....and i'm gonna tell stillgoing!
Sarge you can have OCDoc's Zena outfit. She's either going as a chocolate covered Godiva or an un-named porn star. I'm marking my calendar either way.




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