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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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To offset Bonnie's Marsha fantasy life her therapist suggested she do something un-Marsha like....she's now an expert on a stripper pole and a Friday night favorite at many sleazy places.
Bonnie really is has a big fake gun and pretends she is the Bonnie , her
partner is a monkey named Clyde.
BethD likes to pet her pussy-cat.
One summer Fractalac joined the circus cos he had the hots for a tight rope walker named Zelda.Their romance was short lived when Zelda found out Fractalac had a fear of heights and couldn't "PERFORM" thirty feet off the ground!
Lily Roth doesn't spread rumors - it's the roomers that are spreading her!
fraqctalac Non-linear has a rocking horse and rides it dressed up like Lil'Joe from Bonanza.
BethD agreed to marry Alejandrah so he could stay in the country,but at the last minute he got cold feet,left BethD at the altar and high tailed it home so fast he left his pet Chihuahua Oliver behind....Poor Chihuahua Oliver.....Poor BethD.
BethD has science experiments she keeps in the back of her fridge...
Bonnie got a new job in show business. She's the scantily clad target of the knife thrower. She gets medical with certain exclusions.
Bonnie has a secret desire to be a greeter at her local Wal-mart
Karen Bear is really excited that Roller Derby is coming back.
Bonnie babe,you so do that Marsha Brady thing well..but look it was really cruel of you to tie up Jan's boyfriend to your bed/rack and do the dominatrix thing to him... Marsh, Marsha,Marsha...who would have thought...Those stilettos look great though..are those Jimmy Choos?




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