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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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z100 goes skinning dipping after midnight by jumping the fence at the municipal pool.
Bonnie just got potty trained.
Red One howls at full moons... did you hear him last night?
now that is funny.... LMAO
Z has been checking out the mental institutions in the area for a possible week-end getaway.

I'm LMAO right with you Z.
red one keeps driving around my block asking me to wash his car.
AggieK wants to try out for the high school football cheerleader squad.
red one pretends to be a photographer of the cheerleaders but he never has film in his camera.
BethD wants to try out for full back on the high school football team.
been there done that.

red one wants to be a clothing designer for the cheerleaders.
Whoppie, When can I start BethD.

BethD wants to take the training wheels of her bicycle and be a BIG Girl now.
Good one LOL LOL.




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