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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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red one wants to be the weights lifted in the weight lifting contest.
LOL.....BethD, We are rooting for you to bring home the VERY BIG First Place Trophy. Its OK with me if I'm your weights.
Bonnie is shinning her tractor up for the Naked Ladies Pull with BethD.
Red One is back to slopping the pigs again...
i just saw a news flash (no pun intended) that red one has just been busted for cruelty to animals....PETA is beside themselves over it. bonnie leaked the story.
OCNDoc, has a secrete stash of Slim Jims.
TeeBubbaDee goes dumpster diving at Krispie Kreme.
Well, this is not exactly a rumor, But TeeBubbaDee has never had a FRESH Krispie Kreme. (sigh)
Like I said......
Drats! Busted again!
I've heard it said TeeBubba has been seen chewing on gummie bears lately.
Stillgoing loves when I track mud into her house. She especially likes it when I jump on the furniture with muddy paws.




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