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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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red one secretly wants to re-enact the "9 1/2 weeks" refrigerator scene with bonnie. or is it the other way around?
ocnatural doc is the dishwasher for the Emeril show.
bethd is paris hilton's fairy godmother.
OCN Doc has just been voted to be most unlikely to succeed in the field of medicine. So she has started a new career stripping all the way down to her birthday suit at the local clubs. BethD is also preforming at the same club.
we can do anything we want.....we own the place!
bethd -- did you see red one's app for the doorman opportunity? badda bing!
FLASH.........OCND just won Stripper of the month. Congratulations on a very fine job.
thanks, red "pimp daddy" one. i do it all for you!
and thanks for the new dress...and shoes...and cute little hand bag. oh, and the jewelry from harry winston's was just off the chain! you're soo good to me, big pimp daddy red one.

ok, you guys, the truth is that bethd and have been working undercover to expose red one's plan to steal the very secret, coveted and highly sought after blueprint for donald trumps combover so he can sell it to asian counterintelligence agents.'>>
You are so very welcome, OCND.
I've heard Bonnie uses real shoe leather and real flies to make her world class Shoefly pie....!
bonnie washes her mouth out with soap every nite.
OCNaturalDoc spent 19.5 consecutive hours watching NASCAR, then she went for a drive.
Stillgoing secretly followed OCNaturalDoc when she went for adrive. He wanted her address so he could follow her at whim...




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