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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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OCNaturalDoc has just been voted the number one Doc. in the universe.
Red One plays doctor with his pets...they are afraid, very afraid.
Stillgoing has had the same cigar for 20 years. He's afraid to light them up and smoke em.
Sarge's house from the outside looks like the Cartwright's house from Bonanza, but the inside.... it is decorated like the set from Battle Star Galactica.
z100 uses baseball bats to play golf.
BethD put a sandbox in her backyard so she can sit in it and pretend she is at the beach so she can play with her beach toys.
z100 was half way to work before he realized today was Saturday.
stillgoing, stoppedgoing to the gym everyday because the women won't leave him alone. He needs to get back to his regular weight of 400 pounds of flab so the gals won't attack him. Bring on the Pizza's.
ironically, red one owns the largest national chains of pizza joints....er...i mean the UNIVERSE!
OCN Doc wants to coach stillgoing on how to get back to his regular 400 pounds of flab. Of course OCN Doc is just about perfect and will not gain a pound, although they both will be eating Red One's Pizza's famous all over the UNIVERSE.
Ordered pizza from Red One to be delivered, seems his bicycle got a flat. OCN Doc and I went for Chinese.
OCN Doc and stillgoing hit it off so well at the Chinese Joint that they are now engaged and planning a wedding in China. Red One is still trying to peddle his Pizza's after he got the flat fixed.




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