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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Jack sits across the street looking at the ladies in thier wet shirts
z is waiting for the good times.
sg has 20 different brands of cereal in his kitchen.
Somebody said Prunella Farquar is really Groucho Marx in drag.
Everyone wants to get a life insurance policy on Robbie now....his days are definitely numbered.
jack takes off his head and lets the neighborhood play soccer with it.
Beth's cat got into her Coors Light and is now DRUNK!!!!!!!!
Jack eats at Carl's
SG drives around with a manikin to make it look like he has a girlfriend.
Jack was spotted over at Carl's Jr's trying to steal their corporate secrets.
jack has a treehouse in his living room.
He pretends he is Tarzan in it and his barbie doll he fondles with is Jane.
Beth has a day off and she is DRUNK again. Her cat thinks she is GOOFY




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