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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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OCND likes to skateboard naked.
KarenSme will use any excuse to eat garlic and drink red wine.
cwo3robbie stays up at nite thinking about very long password-like names for himself.
Oc orders from QVC all the time because she is in love with the UPS man.
beth knows all about this cuz she orders matching outfits for herself and her cat.

***hey beth!***
OC is working on her tan rather than tending to her business.

Lol, OC
red one has been under the tutelage of mark mcgwire lately.
how's that working for ya, superRED? ;-)
The steroids seem to be bulking me up to be a Super Red One, OC.
and that, you are, my super red friend.

as his new favorite past time is shredding shirts, SUPER red one will be spending the bulk (no pun) of the weekend with his tailor to add velcro closures to avert escalating costs of new shirts.
oc has a Rhode Island red rooster for an alarm clock.
BethD started the "Pantsless Friday" tradition at her office.
Calli is all dressed up and no place to go.




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