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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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K's been busy today selling stolen snow shovels.

A picture of Callipyge's kissing cousins. You know, the ones she claims she doesn't know.
And my cousins have been complaining about Robbie slipping them the tongue....

Calli gives tongue to anything that has a pulse and sometimes even those where its questionable.
Jack buys clown make-up in bulk.
Jack sends his customers to my place first so they'll get the munchies and order more.
Calli, is going out of business since, for some reason, she doesn't serve lamb.
Jack actually looks like that.
Snagg is waiting in line to give his list to Santa. His Santa has pasties and tassels, go figure.
Jack is back to his old trick of running around the neighborhood DRUNK and NAKED. He will most likely get busted again for indecent exposure and be back in jail.
Red One was caught running around the neighbor naked but he was only cited for littering.
SG got a little too carried away with his Christmas lights:




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