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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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SG, I wish you hadn't shown that video of me - I'm naked at the end!!

DD tried singing in public once and made Baytoven roll over.
DD wants a date tonight with larry.
Jack never has had a date, but he keeps trying. You would think someone would feel sorry for him.
Red One is looking for Calli for obvious and lascivious reasons.
s g is into the wine this evening. I think he has thoughts of one of Calli's Sheep.

's sheep.
Red One is pining for the newly sheared Calli but he got naked and then there was that barbed wire fence....it wasn't pretty.
Alex picks his nose and eats the BOOGERS.
Red One is starting a cult. So far only his dog and goldfish have joined.
s g's Senior Class Picture back in the 70's. Nice Hair............LOL

Red One's yearbook picture.

He got his GED before he finished his probation after getting out.
s g is all dressed up and heading over to Calli's Sheep Farm for some FUN!




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