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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Mike left the hula hoop contest early to do an Arabian Nights performance at the Taj Mahal casino. Kbeen cheered him on. Here is Kbeen's videoclip of Mike's Arabian Nights Performance Encore Mike! lol

Note: Mike, pls don't take this videoclip seriously. It's all in jest =-)
Kbeen, see what happens when you invite someone like me on board....lol
Maricel, you're so sweet and smart, I bet no one suspects you were an assassin for Interpol and were personally response for the end of the cold war.

Bonnie goes scuba diving in her pool
Poor Mike plays the Eunuch in the plays and his pants are so tight he has to tape his goodies down and back. The first time he did it he used duct tape and realized it works much better that the Brazilian waxing he was getting at the salon.
GraceLinda just found out that she is pregnant with her 18th Love Child. She will have the record in her little village for the most fertile woman.
Red One belongs to the Jam of The Month Club...his favorite flavor is Toe Jam!!
LilyRoth was seen running down the street nude heading for the neighbors annual summer pool fest. She wanted to draw attention to the fact that HOT Girls really do have more FUN in the sun naked.
I caught Red One outside my bedroom window last night! I think he wanted to trim my bush! My ROSE bush!....lol
LilyRoth invited Red One in last night, but he declined and said he was only there to trim her BUSH and nothing more.
Ouch! that hurt!...lol
Red One was going to be a doctor but he failed the urine test in med school....heh
All these years and he still hasn't figured out how to PEE???




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