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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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kbeenthere has done that
Grace Linda got laid.
stillgoing watched from the sideline, lmao
I was in line.
Grace Linda just bought a bicyle and is going to enter the next race in her area.
She told the local sports reporter "I just want to draft the guy with the big calves".
RGR, works part time as a model for a life drawing class, he has one room of his house dedicated to nudes of himself.
grace eats stacks of pancakes every morning.
BethD thinks that eating oatmeal cookies for breakfast is a good substitute for actual oatmeal.
Calli bushes her teeth in the morning and gargles with Whiskey.
Hey, yours was supposed to be about Red!

Jack cheats at games! ;-)
Jack has no underwear on today. He likes the COOL Breeze.
All I'll say about Jack is:

Cool breeze = Shrinkage




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