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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Frac loves Rorschach paintings. He is having fun psychoanalyzing this lot as we castrate each other verbally. When he is done with posting he goes to the back of his home where he and Red One enjoy videotaping the neighbor as she swims in her skimpy bikini. Really ought to tell Bonnie not to wear that thing....
Bonnie and KBeenThee just got arrested by the cops for indecent exposure as they were modeling their Bikini's at the retirement home (Wrinkle Village) and had a wardrobe malfunction. Guess the story was they were too loose and just plain fell off the girls. The Old Geaser's were very excited for the first time in years.
Kozzman has $$$$$$$$$$ signs in his eyes figuring out how he can profit from the layout of the girls in their Bikini's on and also off during the wardrobe malfunction. He may be thinking of starting a XXX web site. Red One is just a little suspicious and wants to protect his interest in these very valuable photos.
Bonnie wants to retire from the competition and go into hibernation for the long winter we have coming. There is always next year. Good Luck !~!~!
Bonnie weighs 78 pounds.
1GreatLady53 has just divorced for the 18th time. At least she is optimistic and keeps trying to find the right one.
...and a bad one at that.
OMG, F-N-I and Bonnie are DRUNK again and smokin' lots of Marlboro's.
Bonnie needs to shave everyday.
worked as Chevy Chases stunt double
Grace Linda can't eat the foods on her plate if they touch each other!She carries a plate with sectioned off compartments, with her at all times! I think she carries her own silverware too!
LilyRoth has a BIG Week-end planned entering the hula hoop competition and hot dog eating contest at the State Fair. Lets all Root for her to bring home the trophy.




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