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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Red One thinks everyone is drunk because he has four doctor over prescribing psychic medications for his bipolar and nonexistent issues.
Kevin likes his new dew. He wants to look like The Red One.

OMG, That would be TERRIBLE

Red one is studying to be an electricians helper. He used to have long straight hair.
CWO3ROBBIE is thinking of trading Motor Homes. He has is eye on this beauty. Nice Roof, Lol.

Red is thiking he should put this on ebay, he may get more money for it
Yeah... I figured out which Starbucks Aggie goes too.... she is a hot one ;)
Z has been banned from Starbucks for stalking their customers.
Calli has also been banned from Starbucks because she insist on bringing her Ewes with her.
Red One is not allowed in many since he achieved DOM (Dirty Old Man) status.
SG wears red bloomers.
Only when my thong is being deloused.

Callipge, likes to stand at the edge of a cliff with her Wellington's on and wait for the farmer to line up every night.




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