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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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BethD is really Cat Woman. I have a picture of her on assignment in Key West

Robbie showed up for our meeting in his new Jeep:

Callipyge is having her fur dyed to match Robbie's jeep.
That can't be mine. The appendage is too short.
Robbie is wearing his magnifying glasses again.

And SG doesn't know the difference between WOOL and fur!
Calligyge is overly concerned about the differences between wool and fur. They both just cover dinner on different days. I wonder how fast she is?
Still's new day job..
s g is now working as a Human Ice Breaker. KBT is his assistant, but unfortunately we don't have any NAKED Pictures of her.

Red One is taking naked pictures of SG again....
ROFl.....Calli went to Ireland and was accidentally shorn on a farm visit. It was embarrassing as she had nothing on afterward...
KBT thinks today in New Years Eve, she's milking this jet lag crap for all its worth.
s g is still DRUNK from the New Years Eve Party, or maybe he is DRUNK all the time.




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