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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Dying laughing....Still, you don't need the lame pics as you are a lovely sight yourself...Now gimme back my heels and bustier please...and cough up my lipstick..NOW.
KBT was kicked out of a dirt track mini bike race. Her heels were too long and gouged up the track causing the little kiddies to lose control and crash. I hear a coupla of soccer moms are still looking for her.
The soccer mom's really pissed at Sage! for taking off on one of the crashed kids mini bikes...what part of clown show are we missing here.

KBT you can retrieve your excess clothing at any time.

It all makes sense to me now. These boys showed up today looking for Red One... said they had some unfinished bank business to take care. The second guy from the right...Frank yeah they called him Frankie two fingers, he had a twitch and kept saying sumthin about a contract, he had a contract.

So's I sent them over to Stillgoing's place told em Red was over there.

"I've packed my bag and am going on an extended holiday."
Sarge got his nipples pierced today. He likes the way they feel rubbing against his padded bra. BOOYAH !!!
Ivy has a Jamaican fetish . Check the lingo . She really went down on a trip to Negril but got sent home by the police as she was trying to pick up all the rastas all over the resort to do her a good time... "Ganja Ras Ivy nah wah come down no more....."was heard all over town as she disappeared suddenly!!!
chuckle snort

KBT 's main goal in life is to be a Gallagher groupie, but hey, it's my goal as well. Love watermelon chunks hittin me right between the eyes, too.
Ivy's nightstand book is Sex for Dummies!

Calli just bought a new outfit.

Red has taken up martial arts...





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