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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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OCN Doc wants to be a wine o in Napa Valley. I will come and drink some with you!
better a wino than whine-o :-)

red one can't find the way to san jose. the search party's out looking for him now with a team of wine-sniffing canines.
Red One took off for the Napa Valley and ended up in Alaska, guess I took the wrong turn. OCN Doc is all wineo'd out down there in the Napa Valley. She just set the record for consumption of wine in a four hour period.
Bonnie is wearing Depends today.
Red One knows this because he's a Peeping Tom!
callipyge and red one are having a pork rind eating contest.
BethD is having a panic attack because her cats are on the loose in the neighborhood terrorizing all the little kids and elderly.
Red One's has out grown his thong and his eyes are bugging out.
stillgoing just got arrested by the cops for driving the wrong way down the freeway and throwing beer cans out the window.
The crushed cans are worth more when you recycle.

Red One's name is on the wall of the jail, it wasn't his writing and it wasn't nice, but it was a compliment, I guess.
stillgoing wet the bed last night.
Red One goes the wrong way down the freeway and thinks it's everyone else going the wrong way.




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