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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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teebubbadee is mistaking mud with chocolate from those recovered krispy cremes. the gummy bear thing didn't work out on account of the fact that too many got 'lost' between the cushions.
Bonnie has adapted from page one...."Now why would anyone want to spread rumors?"

So she's now runs naked with Red One and BethD in all parts of the planet...but she's still hiding out because in her home town she has overdue library books, from 1994.
stillgoing was thrown out of his hometown library for crawling around looking up women's skirts.
Larry and I may end up meeting. Ya know like, kinda "face to face"? My problem is. that I think I will spend most my time wondering how many holes he has on his underwear.
TeeBuubbaDee goes to local animal shelters to find a which cat he can kick and get the best distance....generally he gets one test so he's pretty picky on his first pick.
BethD is livid about this and is staging a PETA rally in protest. Stillgoing is making the signs right now...using fur balls for lettering.
OCNatrualDoc missed the signs again.....BethD may be stressing but the Doc and I are planning a BBQ with all these extra lost pets. You want fries with that?
stillgoing likes a good shake with his fries....that's why he got the name "stillgoing" --- he just can't stop! and he bears a striking resemblance to our old friend, chris farley.

The 2 pair of spiked heels AggieK bought were on sale. They were a size 13, two sizes bigger than her foot. She couldn't pass up the bargain. She had to super glue velcro straps to keep them on.
Larry is one of those unfortunate people who was slapped on the back as a kid and his face stayed that way.
All that beautiful hair of AggieK's is really a wig. She is bald.
Red One goes to the grocery store and sprays whipped creme into his mouth then put the container back on the shelf.




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