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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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stillgoing tried out for the new reality show "Dating in the Dark" but didn't make it.... when the lights were turned out he screamed until they were turned on.... turns out he is afraid of being alone with anyone in the dark
Bonnie is upset about that because it was her teddy bear
Bethd says z100 likes to drink really cheap beer from her fridge. She says she's been watering it down with turpentine......
Sarge! saw BethD in her teddy....he's now trying to learn braille but its sort of touch and go.
stillgoing was spotted going into 'trashy lingerie' in LA in search of the perfect teddy....doesn't want to be outdone by beth.
Bonnie is in love with Al Roker and has her house plastered with his posters
BethD wants to be a professional ladies wrestler when she grows up.
Red One is a referee for the National Mud Wrestling Assosiation!!
KarenBear is going to wrestle BethD in the National Mud wrestling competion, naked of course.
red one doesn't know, but karenbear and bethd are really quality inspectors from the mud company, posing as lady wrestlers.
OCNaturalDoc would like to compete in the National Ladies Mud Wrestling Championship, but is just too bashful to do it in the nude.
nah...been there, done that! doncha remember, red one? YOU were the referee!




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