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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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still going likes to knit in an old rocking chair watching
antique roadshow
BethD is fanatic about the Tour de France but unfortunately is walking so is now several hundred miles behind.
Bonnie buys replacement light bulbs for her vaccum in case the power goes out so she can see where she's vaccuming.

It's a blonde thing....LOL
Sarge is still on the Ponderosa. He just doesn't understand Ben Cartwright is not real. Sucker forgets the meds all the time...what to do with that? Serious injected Haldol action needed...
KBT has a crush on the FedEx guy. She keeps sending herself packages at work from home. She hasn't figured out the guy is gay.
AggieK drinks milk and OJ right from the container
z100 wears stockings
BethD has to sit on the NYC phone book while driving so she can see out the window
z100 is out sunbathing in the nude again.
Red One still carries his lunch in his Captain Kangaroo lunch box
Bonnie has been married eighteen times. She is very optomistic that she will get right the next time.
Red One was tossed out of the local deli for licking the glass on the case....it was suggested he make a purchase but that was more than he could comprehend.




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