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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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AggieK likes to mow her lawn in heels.
z100 has a Boston terrier he feed Boston cream pie and Boston baked
beans when they go riding in his Boston whaler
BethD shares pizza with her cat
z100 puts boston baked beans n his pizza
I got the recipe from you
z100 likes to be spanked
to conserve water BethD will grab a bar of soap and run outside naked to shower in the rain
BethD and z100 were caught together in the shower. Another good way to conserve water, huh?
There's another warrant out for Red One. It seems he was hiding in the bushes at the girl's school for the twelfth time.
stillgoing has a lasso and rides a tricycle and lassoes his dog
BethD plays with her Barbie Dolls all by herself because even her imaginary friends won't play with her.
BethD stole my furry handcuffs. I think she's a kleptomaniac. I would have taken them off her eventually.




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