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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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stillgoing and BethD have a date tomorrow for a Nude Bicycle ride down main street and then over to the Nudist Beach. Make sure you have the sun tan lotion on.
AggieK spent too much time in the sun and has nice red buns...strangely RedOne slapped a burger on it.....he'll slap anything naked or nearly so. Hopefully he'll get back on his meds and forget the naked kick since its so boring.
stillgoing uses frisbees for dinner plates
BethD is jealous of stillgoing's dinner plates and wants a set of her own
z100 is a secretly a New York Yankees fan. He also owns a Vespa.
Frac got lost in the Twilight Zone, wandering aimlessly
around his yard for for the door to the house.
AggieK rides a donkey to the grocery store
BethD is planning on climbing Mt Everest with her clothes on for a change and AggieK has a bet with her for $50,000.00 that she can't do it. Very BIG wager, Girls.
Red One got a restraining order on his mailman because he didn't want to get any more bills in mail or junk mail.
BethD is riding her bicycle 1,000 miles this week-end in preparation for the BIG race.
BethD actually steals junk mail out of garbage cans
Red One has a side bet that she can do it




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