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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Karen Bear is just another groupie....she's been in this line for years. Mick Jagger warned me.
stillgoing is bringing sexy back- ya!!!!
Karen Bare sexy never went away.
BTW you're being promoted over in the explicit sex group as the one to fulfill all their fantasys. You might to check with Maria as she's sorta been there done that, like KBT
Bonnie is still running around the neighborhood naked. Doesn't she ever learn?
I can't imagine objecting to a naked Bonnie.....but a naked Red One would have me blowing chunks....Please get dressed Red One.
stillgoing has gonegoing over to the Nudist Camp to strut around and show off his stuff. Hide the women and children.
Red One sleeps in his red pick up truck with a red boned hound dog named Old RED.
BethD strips down at the local watering hole.
Red One waters down at the local strip hole.
Fractalac does stand up comedy acts for the squirrels in his neighborhood.
BethD wants to join a Heavy Metal Band. ROCK ON, BETHD
Bonnie had her Gizzard removed thats why she's so cranky Red




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