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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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F-N-L and LilyRoth have just been thrown out of the Biker's Bar for disorderly conduct. They tried to take over the place, but the Hells Angel's didn't like their tattoos they had completely over their entire bodies. They thought they were gay.
Red One has a big date night all lined up that includes Naked Twister, beer and pretzels.Now all he needs is the date......any takers??? Come on ladies don't be shy!
Thanks LilyRoth, The Old Red One needs all the help he can get. Naked Twister, Beer and Pretzels, doesn't get any better than that. How about you, any plans when you get out of jail, Maybe a nude midnight swim may be in the works.
my skinny dipping has turned into chunky dunking...lol

Yes Imma cheap date all those rumours are true:-P

Red One has been secretly writing love letters to Miley Cyrus! He has built a shrine in her honor in his guest bedroom.The walls are lined with her pics and he burns patchouli scented candles and incense in her honor. He keeps the door locked at all times...hmmmmm!
OK LilyRoth, I have to fess up, It is true that I have a shrine for Miley Cyrus in my guest bedroom. But, I also have a little secret about you. You have had a life long crush on Keith Richards of the Stones. I think you like him so much because he is so well preserved, all the booze, cigarettes and drugs over the years. He still looks like he is 21. Any plans to Hit on him?
Red and Lily sitting in a tree , k-i-s-s-i-n-g....y'all need to go on the date I arranged...I think I am a good matchmaker...you two would be perfect for each other...
KBeen opened a quaint Victorian themed Matchmaker shop at a quiet corner in Saint Albans called the Silver Unicorn. On her display window, we see an enormous photo of a Red Lily with this caption underneath in big block letters:
Searching for love?
Find your perfect match here.
We specialize in speed dating, mosaic dating,
Jungle Fever hook-ups, Ningda Ka encounters,
and even hook-ups for Friends-with-Benefits

and guess who was shuffling his feet at KBeen's door? Stillgoing, of all people--beet red in the face with his friend Red One hiding in a nearby bush gazing at the display art of the Red Lily.

Red, Lily, and KBT put something potent in Maricel's drink....can't ya tell?
Yeah and she knew they would...
Bonnie Spreads rumors all the time, and sells them to the Enquirer
deaduncle has reached that status for a reason, oh yeah he was a priest, but he was different and an outcast, yeah he liked little girls.
stillgoing is really a professional wrestler for the WWE




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